(Automagically && chromatically)

transpose and trigger midi sequences

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Do you make music on a Mac? Logic ? Cubase ? Sibelius? Pro-tools?…
Do you play midi keyboard / digital piano? —> If yes? read on….

So I’ve been inventing a music desktop app over summer break which has these main features

(integrates with existing DAW – uses IAC to trigger midi. bring your own AU/VSTs)

chromatically transposing rhythms across your keyboard to arm for treble and bass patterns.

decomposing existing midi tracks to detect repeating patterns (just drag and drop in midi)

generating new rhythm patterns

automatically stashing your jam sessions without having to hit record.

enforcing scales and modes (Gb + dorian / lydian etc)


What this means – is being able to trigger midi loops & phrases at the push of a piano key.

play like you’ve never played before.



Click through to hockey app to get the latest build

(I use hockeyapp to notify users of new releases / updates)

All feedback is being iterated into product – so tell me what you want or need.

For people who can’t read music – I’ve added in ability to view midi sequence / score sheet.

If you compose and want to drop bombs on new rhythms or melodies – come have a play with my app.


John Douglas Pope


Here’s some music I made a while back.

It was cut entirely in one take. No post production.